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Do You Take Walk-Ins Or Go By Appointment?

We do both! If you have a particular time of day that would be more convenient for you, feel free to call ahead and schedule your appointment. If you get the sudden urge to indulge in a relaxing massage, however, you are more than welcome to drop by and we will add you in to our first available spot.

How Long Is A Massage Session?

Massage appointment length varies depending on what type of massage you are getting, and how long you want your massage to be. For more relaxation-focused massages, appointment times usually vary between half an hour to a full hour, depending what you prefer, but with more therapeutic massages, like deep tissue and full body, longer appointments are generally preferred as it provides our massage professionals with the time they need to properly address tense or painful areas.

What Do I Wear?

While many clients choose undress completely during their massage, there are many who choose to keep their undergarments on during their massage, and both are perfectly acceptable. The primary purpose of your massage is to help you relax and feel more comfortable, and as such, you should wear what you are comfortable with. Whatever you choose to wear, or not to wear, you can rest assured that any areas not being worked on will be covered with blankets or towels at all times.

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If you are looking for a professional Asian massage company, please call Asian Sunflowers Massage today at 850-607-6088 or fill out our online consultation form.