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Why You Should Consider Scheduling an Acupressure Session

Why You Should Consider Scheduling an Acupressure Session

Acupressure is a natural therapy similar to acupuncture but without the use of needles. As pressure is applied to certain points of the body, acupressure is thought to produce many health benefits. If you think an acupressure session would help you, reach out to an experienced massage therapist in Pensacola to learn more about this technique.

Derived from traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure involves the manipulation of various points on the body by using fingers, thumbs, and palms. This natural holistic technique is thought to control the flow of energy, or chi (qi), in the patient to remove blockages caused by stress, injuries, or trauma.

The Body's Local and Trigger Points

According to acupressure practices, energy flows along invisible lines called meridians that connect the various parts of the body. Massage therapists apply pressure to these points residing on the meridians. The body has both local and trigger points. Local points are specific spots on the body where the patient has discomfort or pain, and trigger points are thought to be connected to the locations experiencing discomfort or pain. Massage specialists often apply pressure to the kidney channel, which lies behind the inner ankle, to resolve health problems such as lower back pain and asthma and to the gallbladder channel, which resides at the base of the neck, to reduce high blood pressure and cold symptoms.

Health Benefits Associated With Acupressure

  • Relieved stress and anxiety
  • Reduced headache, menstrual, and chronic pain
  • Decreased digestive problems and nausea
  • Relieved muscle tension and joint pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Reduced fatigue

Schedule An Acupressure Session With Our Massage Specialists

Acupressure shouldn't be painful, and a skilled massage therapist will ensure that you're comfortable. Before scheduling an acupressure session, you should speak to your doctor if you have a condition such as a bleeding disorder, diabetes, a recent fracture, heart disease, or osteoporosis. Pregnant women should also speak to their doctors before experiencing acupressure.

Consider scheduling an appointment with the Pensacola acupressure specialists at Asian Sunflowers Massage if you're under a high level of stress or if you're suffering from pain and discomfort. On the day of your acupressure session, make sure that you wear comfortable clothes and stay hydrated.

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